momentum 6

we architect momentum for crypto and blockchain projects.

our clients.


Social Media

Litmus test for whether the project is alive or not

Community Management

Strengthening the community


Public awareness for the company and company news


Best way to get everyone in your community

Content & Writing

Thought leadership to the public Thought leadership to the public and food for the core community


Powerful communities that move
the needle outside of your company

Special Projects

Individual campaigns
to make initiatives POP


Secure private placements for projects we are working with with top funds in the industry

Garlam Won portrait

About Garlam Won

Garlam was behind the marketing of some of the most successful projects including Harmony, Sandbox, MANTRA DAO and KAVA.

As an ex-investment banker at JP Morgan & ex-Management consultant at Deloitte, Garlam exerts influence in various parts of the block-chain ecosystem through his in-depth connections with the communities in China, Korea, Canada and US.

In 2018 Garlam was featured on Forbes.

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